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Reasons or inspiration in some way to get people to volunteer in some way.

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Rev War Events/Programming
Goal: Educate Berkeley County residents, South Carolinians, tourists and the world about the County’s roles in the American Revolution by creating inspiring events: Attend the Berkeley is Revolutionary Speaker Series. Be a docent at or take a tour of Fort Fair Lawn. Attend or volunteer at Colonial Day!
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Rev War Marketing/Promotion
Goal: Support and promote local 250th events, arts, preservation, heritage tourism infrastructure, and corresponding economic development in Berkeley County.
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Rev War Funding/Grants
Goal: Provide resources and information about funding opportunities for American Revolutionary related projects.
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Rev War Research/Scholarship
Goal: Discover and share little known stories of the diverse people of the Revolutionary War.
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Rev War Sites
Goal: Interpret, preserve, and make accessible Revolutionary War sites in Berkeley County via research, scholarship, identification, marking, and managing of 28 American Revolutionary sites.
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